What can I do with my QR Code?

Here are some ideas that you can link to your QR for maximum effect:

Introduction: Tell smartphone users to scan the QR for quick testimonials and further product information that was too big to put on the label in the first place!

How-to Instructional Videos: Great for including recipes, do-it-yourself advice or other fun/unique ways to enjoy your product.

Events: Advertise local and wide events with QR—even link the code to paperless tickets—and start engaging your customers directly.


Coupon: Paperless or printable coupons can be effective towards acquiring consumer loyalty with your product, with zero cost on materials.

Rewarding Media: A link to a photo, album, video or other digital media that connects with your brand identity and gives the customer something extra for choosing you.

Social Media: Encourage customers to follow you on Twitter, check-in at Foursquare, comment on your Yelp or Facebook profiles by sending them there instantaneously. Promise of rewards or benefits is always a nice incentive.

Contact Info: Automatically import your phone or texting service number to invite a direct connection with your customers.

The possibilities with your QR code labels are endless! You can even customize the QR to include logos and different colors now! It’s up to you to decide, and we encourage you to be creative with it. The destination you chose to send your consumers via QR could be an impression you don’t want to lose.

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