Sublimation T-shirt printing services

The process of dye sublimation enables fashion designers and entrepreneurs to launch new lines of clothing with vivid and eye catching fabrics in days rather than weeks and months.  If you’ve been asking yourself what is sublimation, it’s without doubt a subject that you want to familiarize yourself with, especially if you are involved in the fashion industry.

Dye sublimation is effective only on polyester of polyester family member fabrics. For example, fabrics like Nylon, Rayon, Spandex, Satin and Polyester blends all accept dye sublimation printing and provide vivid results.

Using the right garment decorator that has experience with dye sublimation, opens virtually limitless options for fabric designs.


Sublimation is your key to rapid fashion prototyping, low run minimums and amazing production quality results. Almost any garment can be sublimated. Speaking with a sublimation industry expert can help give you ideas on what products that are pre-sewn can be sublimated. Items like T-Shirts, Shorts, Pillow Cases, Socks and Headbands can all be dye sublimated.

In order to successfully launch a dye sublimated brand, partnering with a qualified Sublimation Specialist is essential. Jumbo all over shirt printing requires industrial sublimation equipment and experience. Working off shore can provide low price points, but often results in long turn around times, inconsistent quality and frustration.


Sublimation printing offers a lot of flexibility to the professional and amature fashion designer. With the ability to wrap a design in 360 degrees around a Tee Shirt, the possibilities of design are truly endless.

Today, with advanced in wide format printing, industrial heat supply and some clever Tee Shirt designing, All Over Sublimation Printing can be accomplished on an already sewn Tee Shirt. There are some glitches in the process and it’s impossible to achieve 100% coverage, but experienced sublimation printers can achieve 98%-99% coverage. Some “missed” areas may occur near the neck line and the arm pits.

When comparing the cost of a cut and sew project with a post sewn Tee Shirt Sublimation project, those small glitches are often acceptable to customers.

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