QR Code Troubleshooting

A quick checklist of tips to avoid problems that you may encounter with your QR codes

1. Are you using the right format?

Some businesses have spread to other types of barcodes, including Data Matrix, which are still relatively foreign to smartphones. QR is currently the format of choice between iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


2. The size of the QR code is crucial

If the actual code is too small (like the size of a quarter), most low-resolution cameras won’t be able to read it, making nearly all your printed QRs completely inert. For big, billboard QRs, most phones use digital zoom that lowers resolution, again making the code unreadable.

3. The longer the link, the harder it is to scan it

 Link-shortening services such as bit.ly can help you make your QR scanned easily on the first try.

4. Test it again and again

Use as many different phones, as many different applications, as possible to scan to test if your QR is performing correctly across the board.

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