Flexographic Printing: A No-Nonsense Explanation

Flexographic printing is a popular method for printing large orders of custom labels at rapid speeds – but how does it actually work? And why does it matter? Unlike digital label printing, flexographic printing transfers ink onto the material using flexible printing plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders. Flexographic printing plates allow customization options that aren’t

Branding and Labels

What is a brand? A brand is your product’s identity. What started as a simple mark to tell which cattle belonged to you has evolved over time to include all elements of a product’s identity. In fact, branding can refer to all elements of your product’s design and “personality.” This includes your product labels. When

Add Some Shimmer With Holographic Labels

Competition is fierce…to break through the noise consider custom holographic labels that grab attention with “moving” patterns and outstanding brightness! Holographic foil material will dramatically transform your product packaging, enhancing your already beautiful label artwork or giving your labels an extremely cool look to start from. Here’s a quick look at how holographic labels are