Mimaki CG-SRIII Series

Technologically advanced cutting plotters to meet your every need. Stunning value coupled to high performance and with three different widths to choose from, the Mimaki CG-SRIII Series cutting plotters deliver faster production of complicated cutting tasks.

1. Suitable Applications

Stickers, Labels, Decals, Graphics and Signage, with the added benefit of ‘half-cut’ and ‘over-cut’ functions. As well as fold lines for PoP applications making the finished items even easier to apply and more professional looking.

2. Suitable Cutting Materials

(Coloured) vinyl, transparent PET, (transfer) paper, flock, rubber.


Main Features:

  • 60cm, 100cm and 130cm wide options
  • High speed / high accuracy cutter plotters
  • Photo electric eye for 4 point register mark detection
  • Up to 70cm cut speed
  • Drag knife or pen plotting
  • USB interface & Ethernet for remote monitoring
  • Segment correct function that detects intermediate registration marks enabling accurate contour cutting over long distances
  • Free Mimaki FineCut plug in software for CorelDRAW® and Adobe® Illustrator.
  • A best-in-class cutting pressure of 500g for a wider range of materials. Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed increases productivity
  • Event Notification function for remote monitoring: – Plot start/end, error/warning message
  • Continuous Crop Mark Detection for precise stickers and seals. New Segment Compensation, which detects intermediate crop marks, enables accurate contour cutting of long-length prints
  • Upgrade of firmware can be done quickly and easily by user
  • Ethernet connection for LAN use as well as USB2.0 and RS-232C

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